Nidhogg team Messhof is tossing its bladed weapons to one side in aid of bicycle handlebars as it announces its latest game for PS5, PS4: Ghost Bike. It is your job to bring back the magical couriers of the same name by exploring a semi-open world and completing challenges that'll test both your speed and skills. Check out the trailer above for more.

A press release goes on to mention how you'll be able to find new parts to customise your ride with, then engage in all facets of bike culture, from daring stunts to BMX'ers and hardcore peloton racing. "Abandoned and forgotten, the Ghost Bike needs repair. Bikes need maintenance, and this one is on its last link! Beat ghosts in contests of speed and skill to win back Ghost Power. Only then can you make the journey to the afterworld, and return the true spirit of biking back to Wheel World."