Gord is a fairly unique pitch: a strategy RPG that combines city-building elements with Darkest Dungeon-esque sanity mechanics. We got a release date, too; face the darkness on 8th August, on PS5.

It's one thing to save your people from the monsters (inspired by spooky Slavic horror, like The Witcher) that inhabit the darkest parts of the woods, and entirely another to keep them sound in mind as well as body.

Gameplay even includes a survival aspect, with players needing to leave the protective walls of the Gord (which is apparently a specific kind of Slavonic fortification) from time to time to forage for resources. With a release only a few weeks away, it looks like more contemplative alternative to the big blockbuster games we've been feasting on of late.

What do you think of Gord? Are you down for a strategic experience? Think three steps ahead in the comments section below.

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