Chivalry 2 may have nailed the feeling of combat in the notoriously brutal age, but Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is no slouch in the medieval murder department either. It's also an infinitely better way to truly immerse oneself in a deep ever-changing RPG world full of massive battles. Developer TaleWorlds Entertainment has put out an update video so big you'd need a siege ram to knock it over (PlayStation specific at 9:45).

It's the additional haptic features for the DualSense we might notice first, with extra combat vibrations being added along with bow-string tension in the triggers for those dishonourable enough to wield such an ignoble weapon. PS4 save files can also now be upgraded for use on PS5.

Changes are coming to the AI, with new battlefields and additional armour pieces promised; weather and its impact on combat will be addressed, too, and that's just the tip of the lance.

Did you pick up Bannerlord? Are you looking forward to trying some of the new additions? Mount up and charge off into the comments section below.