CRYMACHINA is an action RPG set in a world where humans went extinct millennia ago, and a group of synthetic beings have been tasked with bringing them back. Along the way, they will apparently need to contend with what it means to be a "real human", and you can, too.

While perhaps not the most original pitch (we'd take bets a NieR: Automata-esque narrative twist will be involved), combat looks solid enough, the key art is quite striking, and we're always down for some cerebral/philosophical techno drama.

In a staggered worldwide release schedule on PS5 and PS4, CRYMACHINA launches first in Japan on 27th July, in North America on 24th October, then in Europe on 27th October, wrapping up with Oceania on 3rd November.

What do you make of CRYMACHINA? Worth taking a chance on, or something you've seen before? Retain what humanity remains to you in the comments section below.