There may have been confusion over its name, but now we know it’s settled on the Lords of the Fallen moniker (again), we can safely say the sequel-cum-reboot-cum-remake-cum-reimagining is looking utterly outstanding. No, we really mean that – this gameplay showcase is ridiculously impressive, demonstrating the duality of the release’s world and its sublime visuals.

The really interesting mechanic here, presumably only possible with the uber-fast SSDs in new-gen consoles, is the way there are two versions of each location. Die in the foreboding world of Axiom and you’ll be sent to the even more harrowing Umbral, where the foes get increasingly more aggressive the longer you spend there.

Presumably this will all play into the campaign’s structure, as you’ll need to transition between the two realms in order to progress and solve puzzles. In fact, you’re able to access Umbral at any time you like – but you’ll need to forgo one of your two lives to do so. In addition, you’ll be armed with a lamp that will allow you to manipulate both worlds in different ways – and power up attacks.

This actually looks really, really good – like, surprisingly so. What are your thoughts on Lords of the Fallen as we edge closer to its 13th October release date? Impressive, right?