Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive have announced a new co-op zombie shooter, and it has a pretty big name attached. John Carpenter's Toxic Commando is a pulpy FPS that takes inspiration from 80s era horror and action flicks.

Up to four players can team up to take on the hordes for some "buddy movie vibes" and "over-the-top" action. The sheer number of baddies onscreen is powered by Saber's Swarm Engine, and by the sound of it, John Carpenter himself is very fond of killing them.

"Look, I really like shooting zombies," he says. "They keep telling me that they’re called 'the infected'. Please. They're ghouls, dude. They blow up real good and there are a ton of them. People are going to love this game."

Details are thin on the ground, but, you know, it's a zombie shooter. The game's due out in 2024 for PS5, so it's little while off yet. Still, are you excited for Toxic Commando? Sing some Bon Jovi in the comments section below.