The well-liked co-op game Moving Out is all about shifting boxes and furniture from homes into mover trucks, and it's a lot more fun than it sounds. Moving Out 2 is set to follow it up with what looks to be a new and improved version of the concept. Announced last year, the sequel now has a release date; it's moving in on PS5 and PS4 come 15th August 2023.

The news comes alongside the above new trailer, showing off some of the chaotic levels from which you'll be transporting homely goods. Just watching this, it's clear the variety in the stages will be much better. It seems like the team will have a good spread of "regular" houses and more elaborate, almost puzzle-like levels to give you and your fellow movers more of a challenge. Moving Out 2 features both local and online co-op for four players, and also packs in some assist modes to make it accessible to all.

Will you be making space for this game when it hits PS5 and PS4 in August? Unpack your thoughts in the comments section below.