Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PS5 PlayStation 5 Music 1
Image: Push Square

Oh, this is just getting silly now. We were willing to entertain the idea of these daily Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth updates when the development team was vaguely discussing the release’s progress, but now we have the Earth-shaking confirmation that the title will have music in it.

The latest statement comes courtesy of music supervisor Keiji Kawamori, who confirms new audio has been recorded for the upcoming console exclusive. Not only that, but the team will also be “making some new arrangements of tracks from Final Fantasy 7 Remake”.

Some fans believe that these statements are leading up to some kind of trailer at Summer Game Fest later this week, which is possible, but it all seems odd with Final Fantasy 16 right around the corner. Nevertheless, if you want to see whether host Geoff Keighley has got the scoop, you can find out when to watch his latest livestream through the link.