Human: Fall Flat is one of those games that is secretly very popular. Its brand of slapstick, physics-driven action is a fun time for all ages, and it's proven successful enough to spawn a sequel. Yes, Human Fall Flat 2 is coming, and it'll be published by Devolver Digital.

All we have to go on so far is the above teaser and a handful of screenshots, but it's safe to say if you enjoy the first, you'll likely love the sequel. Nondescript, wobbly humanoids will be popped into sandbox levels, they'll be given some seemingly simple tasks to carry out, and the results will be mayhem.

Over on the game's official site, an FAQ describes Human Fall Flat 2 as a "bigger, better, and clumsier" sequel that boasts a "new physics engine, new gameplay interactions, and new mechanics". Furthermore, it'll feature "refined controls, visuals, and music".

Currently, the game has only been confirmed for release on PC, but it's also coming to consoles — the devs just haven't nailed down which ones. Fingers crossed for PS5 and PS4; the first game is on PS Store, so it seems likely Human Fall Flat 2 will hit Sony's platforms eventually.

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