A new studio, headed by Mateusz Kanik, has been announced, called Blank. Kanik was the lead game designer on The Witcher 2, game director on Cyberpunk 2077, and like other developers on the team, a CD Projekt Red veteran of many years.

You can see concept art for the studio's first project above, which purports to be a character-driven game set during an unnamed apocalypse, with a twist or two addedc for good measure. With the similarly (as yet) unnamed project, the developer states its vision on a newly unveiled website:

“We’ve had our share of creating huge, super complicated games with open worlds. That’s why we focus on simpler goals – uniqueness, emotions, quality, and refinement. We put all our passion and dedication into our craft, and we’re eagerly looking forward to letting you play the compelling narrative we are working on.”

Of course, we likely won't see a game out of them for years, but we're always excited about the prospect of something new. Sic parvis magna and all that, right? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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