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We knew that Death Stranding, the bizarre story of a post-apocalyptic rambler and an eerily self-aware fetus, was getting a film adaptation and that the big dog himself was taking a personal hand in the project.

We didn't know to what extent exactly, but in typical Hideo Kojima fashion, the auteur game designer recently took to Twitter and spelt things out in no uncertain terms.

Kojima will be heavily involved, responsible for producing, visual direction, and supervision, but will not be directing the film personally. We have to imagine he'll become that person's shadow, sticking to them like glue and always to hand, ready with advice or instruction in a typically tireless fashion.

How do you think mainstream audiences will react to a film adaptation of Death Stranding? What do you think they'll make of seeing Kojima's name dozens of times (presumably) in the credits? Let us know in the comments section below.