Dan Houser, chief writer for the vast majority of the Grand Theft Auto franchise (not to mention both Red Dead Redemption games), has officially unveiled his new outfit, Absurd Ventures, and with it, Houser intends to create original IP for "all platforms and formats". We got an at-times distressing announcement video featuring a hypnotic beat that's still ringing in our ears.

In 2020, Houser left Rockstar Games, the company he co-founded with his brother, Sam, more than two decades ago. Little has been heard about his next endeavour, until now, that is. Sam Houser remains president of Rockstar Games, where the next mainline Grand Theft Auto title is currently in development.

Absurd Ventures

Absurd Ventures aims to create video games, books, graphic novels, podcasts, live-action series, and animation, creating new universes in which to tell great stories. They also have a fancy website. What do you think of Dan Houser's new operation? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source absurdventures.com]