Well, this looks cool! American Fugitive developer Fallen Tree Games has announced The Precinct, a new isometric, Grand Theft Auto-inspired sandbox police game that’s coming to the PS5. Unfortunately, there’s no release date attached to this just yet, so you’ll just need to sit back and enjoy the trailer for the time being.

“You are Officer Nick Cordell Jr,” the press release reads. “As a rookie beat cop fresh out of the Academy, you’re on the front line of defense for Averno’s citizens. Dive into a world of thrilling car chases, procedurally-generated crimes, and a healthy dose of 1980s noir as you protect the populace and solve the mystery of your father’s murder in the line of duty.”

This is a sandbox game, so you’ll be responding to requests from dispatch as you explore. “Patrol the streets and respond to callouts to fight criminals petty and powerful. Choose your own tactics in thrilling chases and shootouts. Feel the shifting power struggles of Averno’s gangs in a living city full of procedurally generated crimes, from parking infractions to bank heists, street racing to drug deals.”

When the going gets tough, you’ll be able to call in fellow cops to assist you, including squad cars, roadblocks, spike strips, and more. And there’ll be a full day/night cycle with dynamic weather to keep the world feeling fresh. We reckon this could be good, our only concern is that the performance looks a little shaky in the trailer – but obviously it’s still early.

[source youtube.com]