We've been mesmerised by Viewfinder since it was announced, and thanks to this brief new trailer, we know when we can finally play it ourselves. The first-person puzzle adventure launches on 18th July, 2023 for PS5.

In case you're unaware, the game's main hook is taking or finding photographs, and then stepping into them. It's one of those head-melting puzzlers that plays with your perception of the game world, and the way you progress is to search for a path forward using imagery around each level. It's hard to explain.

Fortunately, a playable demo will be available via PS Store starting today, so we can all discover how this game operates. Just based on trailers, it's looking great, so we're excited to get a taste of it.

Are you excited for Viewfinder? Will you be playing the PS5 demo? Say cheese in the comments section below.