Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Two Discs

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be spread across two discs when it launches on PS5, Square Enix confirmed — seemingly with some amount of pride — at the end of the title's new trailer. This suggests that the anticipated sequel is simply too big to fit on one Blu-ray disc, despite the fact that these days, discs are essentially just another way to install games on your console's drive.

This isn't anything particularly new, however. You may recall that Final Fantasy VII Remake, back when it first released on PS4 in 2020, also shipped on two discs. Disc 1 was used to install the necessary data on your machine, while Disc 2 was used to actually play the game. We assume Rebirth will be doing something similar when it releases next year.

So, er, something to look forward to if you're a fan of physical media? Just pray it doesn't take over an hour to actually install in the comments section below.

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