Final Fantasy 16 Leaked

Final Fantasy XVI is still a week away from its release (at the time of writing this article), but some physical copies of the game appear to have gone public ahead of launch. Reports started spreading across social media earlier today (as covered by VGC), and we can confirm that the leaked images seem legitimate.

Unfortunately, we've also seen written spoilers out there, so if you're looking forward to playing through Final Fantasy XVI, it may be time for a bit of a blackout. Assuming these copies have only recently wormed their way into people's hands, the spoilers could only get worse from this point on.

Square Enix has been pushing the game's story since day one, so it's clearly a core part of the experience — as you'd expect of the series. Again, we'd strongly recommend caution on sites such as Twitter, and you might want to avoid scrolling through comments under YouTube videos and the like — you know how it goes!

Hopefully things don't get too out of control over the next week.

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