Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Demo

The long-promised playable demo for Final Fantasy XVI will obviously have to release in the near future, since the full game is out on the 22nd June. And as spotted by users on Reddit, the demo now shows up on the PS Store, specifically if you're browsing via mobile. We weren't able to replicate this ourselves, but it's possible that you need to have also pre-ordered the game for the demo listing to appear.

Naturally, the fact that the demo's on Sony's PS Store servers suggests that it's ready to go — but we'd still bet on it being released during or after the Final Fantasy XVI pre-launch event that's happening on the 11th June. The timing just makes too much sense.

But hey, we're close now, and Final Fantasy XVI will be here before you know it. Will you be playing the demo when it does eventually drop? Summon an Eikon in the comments section below.