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A since-removed listing on actor Michael Ursu's resume has apparently leaked the existence of an unannounced VR game from developer Rockstar Games. In addition, undisclosed projects from Genshin Impact dev miHoYo, and a new Borderlands title from Gearbox Software were revealed, outdoing official not-E3 showcases entirely in the process (and with significantly lower overheads, we'd bet).

The original listings were posted on Reddit, and caught and preserved over on ResetEra. To give him the benefit of the doubt, Ursu is a legit actor with professional representation, so it's entirely possible he wasn't personally involved with the resume update at all. We also don't know what platforms VR refers to at this stage either, so we'll need to take a watch and wait posture until more information surfaces.

What do you think of this scenario? How quickly should we jump to conclusions? Attempt to refute the irrefutable leap of logic that is Undisclosed Rockstar Game + Principal = Bully VR remake confirmed in the comments section below.

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