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Bandai Namco has announced it'll be holding its own Summer Showcase at the upcoming Anime Expo 2023, promising a "barrage of news and reveals". It seems the season of game reveals is not quite done and dusted, then. Specific IPs were cited, with Naruto, Sand Land, Sword Art Online, Baten Kaitos, and more being teased.

Running for an hour, Bandai Namco's Summer Showcase takes place on 1st July, from 4:30 pm PT/12.30 am BST, making this brave new era in which we celebrate "not-E3" a multi-month affair. Anime Expo itself is completely sold out, so if you were planning on attending in person at this bizarre, late stage, you're out of luck.

What do you think of Bandai Namco's Summer Showcase? Is there something particularly anime-esque you are hoping to see? Stare off into the horizon, then face off against a rival before Naruto-running into the comments section below.