EA Sports PGA Tour PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

One of the main criticisms levelled at EA Sports PGA Tour when it launched earlier in the year was its lack of a Performance Mode option, meaning gameplay was restricted to just 30 frames-per-second. This, generally, is unusual on PS5, where higher framerate options have become more ubiquitous than in previous generations.

The publisher had said it would explore the possibility of adding a 60fps feature, and now it’s added the option as part of a 4.5 update. The press release reveals: “Performance Mode is an all-new rendering mode, which provides smoother camera motion and animation at 60fps, at the expense of lower resolution and visual fidelity.” You can still use the original Quality Mode if you prefer.

The patch also includes some other, smaller, under-the-hood improvements: “With the U.S. Women’s Open next week, updates have also been made under the hood to support a series of challenges which will be released during the tournament taking place at the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Links from 6th July through the 9th.”

And the press release adds: “Additionally, the main menu of the game has been updated with capabilities for displaying dynamic messages, which the dev team plans to use to improve communication on important updates, including when new content or patches are released.” There are also various other bug fixes and improvements.