Don't Panic if Third-Party Games Aren't Immediately Announced for PS5, PS4 in the Aftermath of Xbox Showcase 1
Image: Push Square

Today is the day of Microsoft’s annual not-E3 Xbox Showcase, and by all accounts it’s going to be a big one. Of course, in addition to the usual selection of first-party games, you should probably anticipate a handful of third-party inclusions, as is customary for these kind of events. But one thing you should keep in mind ahead of time is that multiformat titles may not be announced for PS5 or PS4 until later next week.

You may recall Xbox tweeted a list of multiformat releases immediately after the PS Showcase last month, but history has taught us that Microsoft sometimes embargoes platform announcements until up to 48 hours after its livestream. This was specifically noteworthy with the announcement of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden for PS4 last year: there was no confirmation of the ports coming to PlayStation until the following day. The same occurred with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

And, judging by Atlus’ leaked trailers for Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica – both of which are expected to be announced for Xbox platforms later today – you may have to wait 24 hours or more for confirmation they’re coming to PS5 and PS4. We’ll of course try to pin SEGA into making a comment as early as possible, but it’s something worth keeping in mind in the immediate aftermath of today’s event – some publishers may not be allowed to confirm all platforms yet.

Obviously this is frustrating, but the full picture will emerge fairly promptly, so unless Microsoft specifically describes a third-party game as exclusive, timed exclusive, or console exclusive, then it’s generally safe to assume it’ll be coming to PlayStation at some point. Our advice: pay close to attention to the language used and wait for further announcements next week – it’ll save you a lot of unnecessary bother in the long-run.