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Dead Island 2 had dragged down more than a million players back in April, and we'd bet the undead RPG has shipped more than a couple of copies since. Publisher Deep Silver has announced it will be supported by two expansions, which will add additional story content to the over-the-top co-op RPG.

Both expansions are included in the game's Expansion Pass, which goes for $29.99 / £24.99. The first is called Haus and will arrive in Q4 2023, while the second, SOLA Festival, is expected in Q2 2024. Both feature a musical theme and, undoubtedly, violence on an industrial scale.

Haus has players exploring how a billionaire would go about surviving the zombie apocalypse and involves a techno-death cult, debauchery, and gore. Meanwhile, LA's various party-goers can attempt to save the planet at the SOLA Festival, an eco-friendly rave featuring some decidedly unfriendly attendees.

Did you pick up Dead Island? Will you return for another helping or two? Pack a bag for California, and depart from the comments section below.