Few dedicated dealers of death are so instantly recognizable as the DOOM Slayer. Thankfully, now you too can ward off the legions of hell by having a truly epic recreation of Earth's tireless protector grace your own shelf, provided you can afford that kind of protection.

With 32 points of articulation and an arsenal of iconic gear from DOOM Eternal specifically, the only thing standing between you and this monument to William Joseph Blazkowicz III is the limited quantity of the run (only 666 to be commissioned, naturally) and the exorbitant price tag of $295.

If you simply must have one, pre-orders are open now, and figures are expected to ship between November 2023 and January 2024. What do you think of Dark Horse's DOOM Slayer figure, statuesque and worthy of every penny or just overpriced merchandise? Let us know in that deepest circle of torment below.

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