This author was a fan of Cyberpunk 2077 even when it crashed every hour on PS4, and the excellent anime has only increased our enthusiasm in the years since. Phantom Liberty, though, is truly shaping up to be something spectacular – as detailed in our recent DLC preview. The expansion will not only expand on the base game but will partially transform it, completing CD Projekt RED’s redemption arc following the RPG’s botched launch.

And this PS5 gameplay footage looks really great. We get to see a glimpse of some new locations, and there’s confirmation of Twisted Metal-style car combat, as your vehicles will now be fitted with weapons. There’s also the promise of improved AI, expanded skill trees, and much more – if you look closely at the footage you’ll spot lots of little quality of life improvements which span the entire game, and will be retroactively applied to the base campaign.

All in all, we’re feeling fairly positive that Cyberpunk 2077 will finally reach its full potential with this add-on. If you were already a fan of the game in its initial guise, then this expansion is going to transform it into something truly special – and if you’ve yet to actually play through the main game, then sit tight a few more months, because it’s about to become something truly special.