AEW: Fight Forever PS5 PS4

What is it about wrestling games that make them so prone to some of the most mind-bending and comedic glitches in the industry? The infamous WWE 2K20 put the β€” admittedly pretty funny β€” problem on the map in a big way, but now, new release AEW: Fight Forever has some bugs of its own up its sleeve. Having released today on PS5 and PS4, social media posts are doing the rounds of fans getting caught in some bizarre bugs, especially related to either getting caught up in or falling through the ring.

The glitch doing the rounds the most on Twitter involves a ladder match where two wrestlers grapple one another and suddenly teleport down onto the ring, and then a move leaves them both beneath it. Take a look:

It seems to be a common issue, where throwing your opponent into the ring will cause them to fall through it. They're then unable to get back out.

If you read our AEW: Fight Forever PS5 review yesterday, you'll know these sorts of backend issues seem somewhat common. In particular, we encountered canonical problems where the game forced us to fight wrestlers who should be on our side. "For example, in one playthrough we won the World Championship in our first block of weeks, only to have it not mentioned until the conclusion of the final block where it was suggested we were challenging for it and not defending it."

Have you encountered many issues? Share the worst ones in the comments below.