Inimitable Souls modder Lance McDonald has struck digital gold again, tasting the forbidden fruit that publisher Sony and developer FromSoftware has denied us all: to experience cult-classic PS4 exclusive Bloodborne running on PS5, natively at 1080p, at a silky-smooth 60-frames-per-second.

You can see the results for yourself in the hefty chunk of gameplay above, without upscaling or other kinds of electronic illusions; as McDonald puts it, it's "just raw gameplay capture".

McDonald has been on the case for years now, releasing an unofficial patch that would allow players to do the same on PS4 (provided they have a modded console). This was after gallantly allowing the multi-billion dollar publisher a grace period in which to do what he'd managed apparently alone (they never did). We have to imagine the backend of Bloodborne is a nightmare fit for Mikolash, as McDonald reckons there are just two lines of code that need changing to get what we already have where it really does need to go.

Will those of us less technically minded (or less cavalier about refund policies) ever get to face Amygdala in the manner we deserve? Awake from this eternal dream in the comments section below.