If Fallout: New Vegas is the black sheep of Bethesda's modern Fallout family (developed as it was by Obsidian), we aren't quite sure what that makes Fallout 76. Released in 2018 in a shockingly bad state, an incomprehensible Gen Alpha or Bravo second cousin, perhaps? In any case, Fallout 76 apparently runs at 60 frames-per-second now on PS5, which might entice more than a few to take another chance on this misunderstood, most recent addition to the clan.

Like a bolt out of the clear blue sky, reports of Fallout 76 running at 60 on PS5 began popping up in the past few hours, despite there not even being a native port of the game. The most recent update, called Once in a Blue Moon, just dropped (trailer above), but there's nothing in the patch notes about the apparent increased frame rate or the purportedly sharper visuals.

While we can't confirm this firsthand for ourselves just yet, we'll download the game and find out. The consensus in the comments seems fairly concrete (and quite funny), however, so hopefully, this is some kind of awesome stealth flex from Bethesda out of nowhere.

Does the prospect of Fallout 76 at 60 make you want to give it another shot, or if you were already playing, have you noticed a difference? Take shelter in the one edifice nearby capable of withstanding an atomic blast in the comments section below.

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