You've got to differentiate your roguelite indie game somehow, right? AK-xolotl, an upcoming top-down shooter from Playstack and 2Awesome Studio, was announced earlier this year, has just received some new details over on the PS Blog, including a gameplay trailer that looks suitably hectic. Playing as an axolotl with a gun, you can find axolotl babies and then set them on your enemies with a variety of weapons and powers.

The main thrust of the gameplay looks similar to Enter the Gungeon, only instead of sentient bullets, you're laying waste to the animal kingdom. Using a trusty AK-47, you'll hunt down other animals to take the food chain by force. You won't be doing it alone, though. As mentioned, you can find Axolittles which, when looked after, will inherit all kinds of wild weapons and power-ups to aid you in your never-ending quest for food.

The game looks mad, but we're intrigued to try it out for ourselves. It may just have enough of its own ideas to stand out, but we'll have to wait until fall of this year to find out. Are you interested in AK-xolotl on PS5 and PS4? Tell us in the comments section below.