The Witcher 4 Development

CD Projekt Red has published its latest business overview online, and as is usually the case with the Polish company's reports, the documentation details the games that are currently in development. Right now, most of CDPR's teams are still hard at work on finishing Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, which is still set to release this year (with a potential information blowout at Summer Game Fest).

However, it's becoming clear that 'Polaris' ā€” the codename for the next big Witcher game ā€” is really starting to ramp up with regards to resource commitment. It's now the company's second biggest ongoing project, growing at a steady rate since June 2022. Once Phantom Liberty is out, we assume Polaris' employee count will spike, and it'll likely enter the next phase of its development.

So when can we realistically expect the next mainline Witcher game to come out? Well, we know that CDPR likes to, er, take its time. The developer's obviously larger than ever in terms of headcount, and it's now utilising the more streamlined Unreal Engine, but we'd still bet on Polaris being years away from launch. 2026? 2027? 2028? It's likely a long way off.

What do you want to see from the next Witcher title? When do you think it'll be ready to roll? Mix some mutagens in the comments section below.