We knew Helldivers 2 was in development when a snippet of an internal teaser trailer leaked last year, but here’s confirmation that Arrowhead has been recruited once more by PS Studios and is making a sequel for PS5 and PC. The title’s due out later this year, and has ditched the isometric perspective in favour of some over-the-shoulder run-‘n’-gun fun.

Katherine Baskin explained on the PS Blog: “You’ll step into the boots of an elite class of soldiers whose mission is to spread peace, liberty, and Managed Democracy using the biggest, baddest, and most explosive tools in the galaxy. Team up with up to four friends and wreak havoc on the alien scourge that threatens the safety of your home, Super Earth.”

You’ll have a wealth of offensive options to tackle an array of extraterrestrial threats. “Brace yourselves for adrenaline-fueled moments, intense action, and a bond that forms when you rely on your team to complete missions or comically fail due to the reckless handling of over-the-top firepower,” creative director Johan Pilestedt added.

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