Dead by Daylight Single Player Until Dawn Dev Supermassive 1
Image: Push Square

The ever-busy Supermassive Games has been signed up to adapt asymmetrical multiplayer hit Dead by Daylight into a single player story-driven game. The spin-off project, which is still in the early stages of development, remains underwraps for now – but developer Behaviour announced the title as part of an anniversary livestream earlier today. More information will be announced in the coming months.

It’s probably safe to assume this will expand on the studio’s work on titles like The Dark Pictures Anthology and The Quarry, although we’d expect it to include some of the original characters from Dead by Daylight’s lore. During a recent top secret presentation, representatives from Behaviour wouldn’t confirm or deny whether that’s the case, and simply promised it’d share more in the future.

Dead by Daylight Single Player Until Dawn Dev Supermassive 2

This is all part of a plan to expand the intellectual property beyond the core game. As previously announced, the developer has partnered with Atomic Monster and Blumhouse to create a movie based on the franchise, and it’s currently in the process of recruiting a director and screenwriter before work gets underway.

In addition, a third PvE title is in development, which promises to tackle the themes of “greed and lust”, with subsidiary Midwinter Entertainment leading production. Once again, there are no concrete details just yet, but this will supposedly be a four-player co-op experience which will involve a “strange new corner of the Entity’s Realm”.

And with all of those new announcements, it’d perhaps be easy to forget the main Dead by Daylight game itself. As we reported earlier in the week, Nicolas Cage is coming to the game as a Survivor, where he’ll play himself. More on that will be revealed later in the summer, from 5th July. In the meantime, a new expansion named End Transmission is coming on 13th June.

This sci-fi-themed add-on will include a new Killer and Survivor, and will be flanked by a brand new map, set on a “mysterious and terrifying planet”. The Killer, named the Singularity, is a “monstrous amalgamation of restructured organic matter and machine parts seeking to become the perfect lifeform”. Sounds horrific!

And that’s not all! Behaviour has some pretty exciting new collaborations coming up, including Iron Maiden cosmetics inspired by the band’s figure-head Eddie, as well as some Killer masks based on Slipknot. It’s also working on a Naughty Bear-themed outfit for existing Killer The Trapper, while Ghostwire Tokyo’s Ikumi Nakamura has been recruited to design some unique new outfits for The Oni, The Legion, and Yui Kimura.

So, how’s that for a seventh anniversary update, eh? There’s a lot to dig into here, perhaps demonstrating how Dead by Daylight is actually going from strength-to-strength as it approaches its tenth anniversary. Live service games are such tough nuts to crack, but Behaviour seems to have hit upon a rare success story in an unbelievably competitive environment.