We've seen it many times by now: a game that appears on PS Plus Essential's monthly lineup often receives a huge boost in players. That might sound obvious, but the impact certainly varies from game to game. Some, like Rocket League and Deep Rock Galactic, thrive thanks to PS Plus, and it sounds as though it's happening again.

No More Robots' downhill BMX game, Descenders, is part of May 2023's selection, which just went live yesterday. According to company director Mike Rose, the game has had a significant increase to its player count just 24 hours after arriving on PS Plus:

Over a million new players are enjoying the title, and it'll be no coincidence that it joined PS Plus Essential yesterday.

By the by, we'd definitely recommend giving Descenders a try if you haven't already. It's a frenetic sports game with rogue-lite elements to spice things up and keep you guessing, plus there are even bonus Trials-like stages, a first-person mode, and more.

Have you been enjoying Descenders on PS Plus Essential? Join its legion of new fans in the comments section below.

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