The Talos Principle was a great first-person puzzler on PS4, and now the sequel is coming to PS5. The Talos Principle II was confirmed for Sony's current-gen console during the PlayStation Showcase, and it's coming out this year. Check out the reveal trailer above.

On the PlayStation Blog, writer Jonas Kyratzes said: "It will greatly (and we mean greatly) expand on everything that made the original special. More mind-bending puzzles to solve, more surreal environments to explore, more secrets to uncover, a deeper story to lose yourself in, and bigger questions to boggle your brain."

The puzzles based on bending light with refractors will return, but they'll be joined by "new gameplay including gravity manipulation and mind transference—but we’ll let you discover these intricacies of these unique mechanics for yourself. The Talos Principle 2 will feel familiar but fresh at the same time. You can finish the game without solving every puzzle, but those seeking true mastery can attempt to conquer them all. Just watch out for the optional Gold puzzles, because they will melt your brain."

It's out for PS5 later this year. Are you interested? Let us know in the comments below.