An officially licensed and incredibly premium statue of The Last of Us: Part 2 deuteragonist Abby is now available for pre-order, provided you have the inclination and some cash to burn.

Clocking in at 23" and costing a cool $1,099.00, this monument to Abby (called "The Confrontation") is only one half of a whole, with a similarly priced second part starring Ellie (called "The Theater") to follow.

Combined, we would have to imagine the whole thing would be hefty enough to crack a skull with, but that's merely speculation on our part. You can check out the gallery in its full glory here.

Abby Ellie Statue

We appreciate the craftsmanship but prefer keeping the lights on, personally. Will you be shelling out for this piece of art, or could that small fortune be better spent elsewhere? Make hasty financial decisions in the comments section below.