Front Mission 1st Remake PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Front Mission 1st, a remake of Square Enix’s classic SNES tactical RPG, is coming to the PS4 following a period of Switch timed exclusivity. The spruced up HD re-release first launched on Nintendo’s hybrid hardware late last year, but now Trophies have started to populate on Sony’s servers, suggesting a PS4 port announcement is imminent.

This won’t be the first time Front Mission has released on PlayStation platforms, as the 1995 original was later updated for the PS1 with additional features and content. Unfortunately, it was only ever available in Japan, although that same version was subsequently converted to the Nintendo DS and localised worldwide.

Front Mission 2, a PS1 game originally, is also being remade for Switch, and it’s probably safe to assume it’ll similarly be converted to PS4 once Nintendo’s period of timed exclusivity expires. We’ll check in with Square Enix and try to get confirmation, but in the meantime you can check out the original’s list of Trophies through here.