Geoff Keighley Summer Game Fest
Image: Push Square

We're on the verge of summer, and in the land of video games, that almost always means announcements, new game reveals, and more screen time for Geoff Keighley. The producer and presenter is coming back once again with Summer Game Fest in early June, and as usual, the main attraction will be a big showcase packed with updates on upcoming games and announcements of new ones. Speaking about the approaching show, Keighley reckons there will be some "pretty big" things to get particularly excited about.

In an interview over on Epic's website, he doesn't get into specifics, but says the show currently has three or four announcements lined up that are "pretty big for this audience". Obviously, it's anyone's guess what they are, but it's at least exciting to hear there will be some meaty games on show.

The article also points out this will be the first Summer Game Fest in several years to be put on in front of a live, in-studio audience, which should add to the drama of the event. "In the world of so many video events, our live show and fan audience is a key differentiator for Summer Game Fest," Keighley says. "It adds so much energy to the room to have fans react to the announcements, allowing us to really bring the announcements into the room."

It also sounds as though the presentation will have a slightly slower pace than that of The Game Awards. In some cases, games will get a bit more spotlight by having the developers come out and talk about them, to "give a little bit more context around games" rather than show trailer after trailer.

We're certainly excited to see what Keighley has in store for us next month, but before we get to that, there's the PlayStation Showcase, which takes place this Wednesday, 24th May.