Here's an example of something that probably wouldn't have happened without Sony spending $3.6 billion on Destiny 2 developer Bungie: some neat, purchasable items in the Eververse Store themed around iconic PlayStation franchises. If you have ever wanted to turn your Titan, Hunter, or Warlock into Kratos from God of War, role play as Horizon's Aloy, or take Jin Sakai from the Ghost of Tsushima universe to space, then now's your chance.

As revealed in the image below, new armour sets are on their way to the Destiny 2 in-game store from tomorrow, just as Season of the Deep begins. Titans can don the iconic red markings of Kratos, Hunters get Aloy's skirt, and Warlocks are treated to some samurai armour. You can even customise your Ghost like it's been pulled out of The Last of Us.

Destiny 2 PlayStation Items

Obviously, you should expect these armour sets to be a bit pricy given the game's free-to-play nature. What's even more interesting is they're not exclusive to PS5 and PS4 β€” Xbox and PC users can dress themselves up as PlayStation icons too. Now we just need Zelda's tunic in the game as well as Master Chief's helmet to complete a varied set.