India Hero Project Sony PlayStation

Sony has announced its indie-focused Hero Project is expanding to India following its successes in China. Teams in the country can submit their projects now, and if chosen, they shall receive mentorship, access to Sony's internal resources, recoupable development funding, marketing opportunities, and the chance for PlayStation to publish the game itself.

To qualify, a studio must be based in India and registered as a legal entity, and then sign up with PlayStation Partners. A minimum of $100,000 is handed to successful developers, and Sony is looking to support PS5, PSVR2, and PC titles. In a press release, Sony execs Hector Fernandez and Radhika Thakur explained: "As part of our evolving journey to ensure that PlayStation remains the best place to play, we’re committed to developing regional incubator programs capable of identifying new and diverse developers worldwide. The India Hero Project is fueled by this commitment and our belief in the Indian gaming market."

The company wishes to "lower the barrier of entry and showcase the most incredible talents emerging from India" via its mentorship and funding options. Over in China, the Hero Project has successfully brought to market popular indie games like F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch and ANNO: Mutationem, with Lost Soul Aside still to come. "While space is limited, we want to welcome new voices, ideas, and experiences from the Indian Game Development Community."