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If you include the various State of Play broadcasts, Sony has been hosting multiple livestreams every year for quite some time. This week’s PS Showcase was, however, significant because it was more closely aligned with a traditional E3 press conference – at least, that was the intention, anyway. While there have been some absolutely terrific State of Plays, they’re generally shorter in nature and smaller in scale, although it does vary.

It perhaps won’t come as a huge surprise, then, that Kotaku’s senior reporter Ethan Gach is citing sources which have confirmed to him PlayStation has more digital showcases in the pipeline. As we’ve alluded to above, this isn’t exactly Earth-shattering news: we always expected there’d be a broadcast dedicated to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in the coming months, and irrespective of this week’s event, we know Sony’s cooking a lot of first-party games that will need to be announced at some point.

And then, of course, it has its absolutely ginormous list of third-party partners, many of which rely on PlayStation’s promotional clout to get the word out about their games. All in all, we think we’d be more surprised if there weren’t any additional presentations planned. To be honest, it would be nice to get a rough roadmap from the Japanese giant, outlining some of the things it has planned for the rest of 2023 – but we know that’s just not how it operates anymore.