Smurfs Kart is launching on 22nd August for PS5 and PS4, bringing disruption to the ongoing Game of the Year debate. All insincerity aside, the arcade racer from French duo Microids and Eden Games first launched on Nintendo Switch last year, and is now getting a wider release across PlayStation and various other platforms, including PC.

There are few surprises here: expect turbo starts, drifts, shortcuts, and special powers. To be honest, as far as these kinds of titles go, this doesn’t look like an egregiously bad one – and that’s reflected by its reviews on Nintendo’s hybrid hardware, where it scored a fairly middling 66 on the back of 14 or so reviews. The very definition of acceptable albeit uneventful.

The full game will have 12 playable Smurfs and a further 12 themed race courses, as well as split-screen multiplayer, unlockable art work, and a time trial mode. You can check out some footage of the PlayStation version in the trailer embedded above.