Tekken 8 Beta

An online beta test for Tekken 8 could be coming relatively soon, if a listing on SteamDB is anything to go by (as spotted by Wario64). Up until now, the anticipated brawler has only been playable via select location tests. That is, in-person stations at fighting game events, for example. And although we've been graced with loads of gameplay footage since the Tekken 8's reveal last year, Bandai Namco hasn't hinted at when the title will actually release.

This supposed beta, then, could suggest that Tekken 8 is perhaps even further along in its development than we thought. If a playtest is announced soon, then it's increasingly likely we're looking at a 2024 launch (which is probably the most educated guess anyway).

Of course, it's entirely possible that this beta won't even apply to PS5 — it's a Steam listing, after all — but with other fighting games consistently targeting multiple platforms with their own betas, we'd be surprised.

How far out do you think Tekken 8 actually is? Would you be up for a beta? Practice your electric wind god fists in the comments section below.

[source steamdb.info, via twitter.com]