Another rumour is doing the rounds today, and it's undeniably quite a tantalising one. So the sparrows sing, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the phenomenal Persona 5 could be a timed exclusive on PS5 (dropping PS4) and out towards the end of next year.

Don't roll your eyes quite yet, though. We're well aware that Persona 5 was first released in Japan in 2016 (coming to the West in 2017) and that the intervening years are more than long enough to have developed another game; it doesn't take the combined efforts of crime-fighting teens to figure that out—still, some food for thought.

Nate the Hate, on a recent episode of his eponymous podcast, cites sources that claim not only will Persona 6 be a timed-exclusive first on PlayStation (like Persona 5) but that Atlus and Sega would be saying sayonara to the PS4 as well.

Nate is about as reliable as leakers get (most recently, he had a spate of mostly reliable Nintendo predictions,) and we certainly hope games aren't still tied to PS4 in later 2024, so for that alone, we want to believe. Nate and his co-host Modern Vintage Gamer do stop short of suggesting we will learn anything at this week's impending PlayStation Showcase, believing that to be too soon.

What do you think of this latest offering from the Rumour Mill? More grist, or could you see it coming to fruition? Take a leap of faith into the comments section below.

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