DualSense PS5 PlayStation

A "sperm-injecting robot" has successfully fertilised human eggs, with the operator using a PS5 controller to steer a small mechanised needle during in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedures. Two healthy babies have thus far been born, making them the first human beings in history to have been born after fertilisation through the use of automated technology.

Developed by Spanish startup Overture Life, the feat was achieved when "one of the engineers, with no real experience in fertility medicine, used a Sony PlayStation 5 controller to position a robotic needle. Eyeing a human egg through a camera, it then moved forward on its own, penetrating the egg and dropping off a single sperm cell. Altogether, the robot was used to fertilize more than a dozen eggs."

It's an unlikely feather in PlayStation's cap, but one we think Sony marketing and PR should capitalise on. All jokes aside, IVF is an expensive, harrowing and time-consuming endeavour and anything that makes that process easier is pretty great in our reckoning. Practice calling PlayStation "daddy" in the comments section below.

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