A 20-second teaser trailer for the first Atomic Heart DLC pack has been released, confirming the expansion will release this summer. It reveals you'll be visiting a new area in Facility 3826 set on water, with winding paths and buildings above it. While it lacks a name for now, the DLC will launch on PS5 and PS4, presumably within the next two or three months given the release window.

"Facility 3826 still has many undiscovered places…," the YouTube description teases. "Take a look at just one of the extraordinary locations you will soon have to visit in the upcoming DLC for Atomic Heart!" Developer Mundfish has confirmed Atomic Heart will receive four pieces of DLC, with the season pass priced at £32.99/$39.99. As such, you should probably expect each expansion to cost roughly £9.99/$12.99. They'll all add "new areas and labs, as well as new weapons, new enemies, [and] bosses".

A 6/10 rating was awarded in our Atomic Heart PS5 review, with praise for Facility 3826, which this first DLC focuses on. Let's hope the future expansions lean into the location to make for some quality post-launch DLC. Will you be picking this first bit of paid content up? Let us know in the comments below.

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