PLAION, the publisher formerly known as Koch Media, is restructuring, or as they put it, "simplifying our publishing operations". This will result in subsidiary publisher Deep Silver and developers Prime Matter and Ravenscourt merging, with the aim being to produce fewer titles at a higher quality.

The move will result in layoffs, although a PLAION representative told "that it will likely only affect around five to six jobs" in a company of more than 2000. The process is a planned restructure, taking up to a year to accomplish, and titles may continue to be published under those studios' names over "the next couple of years".

Dambuster Studios, under Deep Silver, just put out the fantastically gory Dead Island 2 and has some well-known IP under its belt, namely the Metro series and Saint's Row. Prime Matter has more of an indie focus, having recently released Mato Anomalies and Scars Above. Ravenscourt, meanwhile, focuses on more family-friendly games such as Lets Sing 2023.

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