PS5 Backwards Compatibility Sony Shadow of the Colossus 1
Image: Push Square

There was much scepticism of PS5’s backwards compatibility prior to release, but it turned out really good. Practically the entirety of the PS4’s library works on Sony’s new-gen console, and benefits from improved performance and faster loading times. That means the transition between PlayStation platforms has never been easier, and it’s made the Japanese giant’s latest device an easy and obvious upgrade.

There has, however, been a recurring texture streaming issue affecting several games, most notably Shadow of the Colossus. This resulted in some assets appearing low resolution for no apparent reason on the PS5, marginally affecting the overall look of the Bluepoint remake. Fortunately, a recent firmware update has completely resolved this issue, suggesting that Sony has quietly upgraded the system’s backwards compatibility behind-the-scenes.

Several users have posted comparison pictures all over the web, but we reckon these Reddit side-by-sides show the biggest difference. It’s a minor improvement in the grand scheme of things, but it’s reassuring to know Sony isn’t simply letting these niggles slide, and is committed to continuously upgrading the performance of PS4 backwards compatibility – even this long after launch.