We've seen a lot of super promising MMORPGs come and go in our time covering PlayStation, but Chrono Odyssey might just have the most impressive pitch we've seen in years. Built on Unreal Engine 5, it's being developed by South Korean studio Npixel, and it's coming to PS5. The gameplay reveal trailer doesn't give us a date, but the project is now firmly on our radar.

Boasting an open world, full-action combat, and a range of playable character classes, it's hard to watch the above footage and not think there's serious potential here. Of course, with no release window, we'd caution against getting too excited, but the game's popping off on the official PlayStation Blog, so there's a real chance we'll actually be playing this one at some point.

What do you make of Chrono Odyssey? Are you as impressed as we are? Wonder when it'll launch in the comments section below.

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