Developer Vertical Reach has today announced its PS1-style survival horror game The Tartarus Key will be releasing for PS4 on 31st May 2023. A new trailer can be viewed above, which should whet the appetite of classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill fans. Told from the first-person perspective, you'll play as Alex, whose wound up in a mansion full of wonderfully convoluted puzzles and traps.

The game's story is said to be at the heart of the experience, alongside its brain teasers. A press release sets the scene: "The last thing Alex remembers is being alone in her apartment. Suddenly, she's awoken in a dark and deadly mansion, with a stranger's voice crackling through a walkie-talkie and cameras following her every move. When Alex realizes she's not the only one caught up in this nightmare, she sets off to discover who—or what—is lurking in the shadows..."

It doesn't sound like there'll be much in the way of combat, and details from the studio essentially rule out any chase sequences. "As Alex, explore every dreadful corridor, escape complex rooms using brains over brawn, meet fellow captives relying on you to survive, and unlock the mansion’s many lethal riddles." Off the back of Tormented Souls, this looks like another classic survival horror experience fans of the genre will want to keep an eye on. It's out for PS4 on 31st May 2023.

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