PS5 Jim Ryan

The general sentiment surrounding yesterday's PlayStation Showcase is one of disappointment, but Jim Ryan is remaining positive about the show. In a press release, he says the livestream demonstrated Sony's "unwavering commitment to offering them [the fans] the best and most varied catalog of games possible".

His full quote reads: "Our fans expect and deserve a steady cadence of amazing content. Today’s presentation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to offering them the best and most varied catalog of games possible. It also highlights the tremendous popularity and power of the PS5 as the global development community rallies to push its advanced capabilities to the limit. We’re investing heavily in the future with innovative best-in-class hardware like PlayStation VR2 and the newly revealed Project Q, and our expansion into PC, Mobile, and Live Service gaming is transforming how and where our content can be enjoyed."

While the PlayStation Showcase was packed to the rafters with news and new game announcements — over 30, in fact — it's been heavily criticized for a lack of PlayStation Studios presence. The only first-party reveals came from studios recently acquired by Sony (Haven Studio with Fairgame$, Firewalk Studios had Concord, and Bungie showed Marathon) and all were Games as a Service. The likes of Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Team Asobi, and Sony Bend were nowhere to be seen.

Of course, these developers still exist and still have those single player experiences in the works, but after an 18-month wait, it's hard not to question what's going on. How is Insomniac Games planning to release its third PS5 game since the console launched in 2020 — with a fourth in Marvel's Wolverine — while so many other teams haven't said a thing?

For a full list of What Was Announced at the PlayStation Showcase, click the link. How do you react to Jim Ryan's comments? Share your thoughts in the comments below.