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Sonic the Hedgehog has always been one of SEGA's most popular franchises, but with a successful new game — and a pair of hit movies — the mascot is in a very healthy position right now. Sonic Frontiers has been doing particularly well for the publisher; as of 31st March 2023, the experimental open zone title has sold over 3.2 million units, becoming a major driver of software sales over the last few months.

Again, thanks to SEGA's increased emphasis on Sonic, the IP is primed for even more activity in the near future. There's Sonic Origins Plus, which expands the retro collection with Game Gear games and more, a third movie still to come, and a spin-off original TV show all about Knuckles on the horizon too. We expect the next major 3D Sonic game is also in the works, presumably building on what Sonic Team achieved with Frontiers.

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With all this in the pipeline, it seems we'll be getting a lot more Sonic over the next few years. In fact, SEGA forecasts "record licensing revenue centered on Sonic" over the next fiscal year. The games themselves are all well and good, but it seems as though the publisher sees a lot of value in a multimedia approach — which isn't dissimilar to Sony's plans with all its PlayStation Productions projects.

Anyway, are you excited for Sonic's future? Drop dash into the comments section below.

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